"My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations" - Mark 11:17

Events & Initiatives

As a Christian, prayer should be a constant discipline. Consistent, daily, prayer can be likened to food – it sustains us by keeping us, and our lives, connected to God.
In this sense we need to pray daily just like we need to eat daily. However, even though we eat regularly there are some special occasions on which we gather for special meals.

– Dr Dion Forster

Prayer Events and Initiatives

“We may be living in the days of the greatest prayer movement of History!  Despite some familiar patterns of prayerlessness in the church,
more Christians are praying now, certainly, than at any time in history. 
More than 200 million believers pray every day for the advancement of world missions. 
At least 15 million groups around the world pray weekly for missions in the communities, probably even more.  

Prayer events and gatherings abound all over the world in many countries”     

~ Steve Hawthorne, WayMakers.org ~ 


So many prayer events are taking place that it is virtually impossible to keep track of all the meetings, prayer watches, initiatives, fasts and solemn assemblies in just one country or region. 

In this section you will find a list of upcoming EVENTS AND INITIATIVES.  Some are limited to a timeframe while others are ongoing.  Use it to pick those you would like to participate in and add them to your Prayer Calendar.

May God put in your heart the very prayer He intends to answer, whether it be for yourself, for others or for the world. 


11:55am Daily [open]



STOP what you are busy with,
FOCUS on the Lord and
LISTEN to what He is saying to you,
12 noon





Prayer Plans for 2017 [open]



Want to change the world? PRAY.





#50-DAYS-2-BLESS-THE-NATION South Africa [open]

16 April – 4 June 2017 
(Resurrection Sunday – Pentecost)

50 Days for SA


(A forum of prayer networks and prayer groups in South Africa)

50 days of joint prayer by various prayer networks and denominations across South Africa to speak love and blessings over South Africa in a united effort.

The aim of this national initiative #50Days2BlesstheNation is for Christians to take responsibility for our Nation; believing that God can and will change the hearts of South AfricansThe words of Christians are to be different – to bless rather than to curse, to heal rather than to wound, to restore rather than to destroy.


  • Praying a daily blessing over South Africa.
  • Prayer-walking, Prayer-driving, Prayer-cycling your neighborhood, community, town, township, city, farms, countryside, shopping mall, business district and industrial area.
  • Interceding for the salvation of those who are lost and without the knowledge of God.
  • The prayers of Individual believers, prayer-watches, prayer-groups, congregational prayer.

Prayer Guide (English) 

Prayer Guide (Afrikaans)






Global Outreach Day [open]

27 May 2017

G-O-D logo

The Vision of Global Outreach Day is for every believer to share the Gospel on the last Saturday of May each year. Millions of Christians in over 140 nations are already sharing the Gospel on that day. Every Believer is a witness! This day can The first step to living a lifestyle of Evangelism.

G-O-D date









Yes! Revolution [open]

19 – 22 September 2017


for next generation champions

This summit is offering training, mentoring, encouragement, prayer and support to leaders across USA who have a heart to see children mobilized, equipped and released to serve God through prayer and intercession. 

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Christian Vision Prayer [open]


CV Prayer

ONLINE EVANGELISM and the opportunities it creates for Christians to share their faith in Jesus with their friends and communities, is without a doubt a platform that cannot be ignored.  The Harvest is immense, but so too is the need to support in prayer this ONGOING GLOBAL INITIATIVE to equip believers in Jesus so that they can share their faith and disciple nations.

For our friends at Christian Vision, a missions organization that solely focuses on online evangelism and equipping believers to share the Gospel, the need to connect with people God has raised up to pray for the salvation and discipling of the nations is URGENT!

Watch this video prayerfully, in which Lady Tracie Edmiston, co-founder of Christian Vision, explains what God has called the organization to do and see if God also prompts your heart to include Christian Vision in its work of equipping the Body of Christ to share the Gospel online in your prayer diary.

Lady Tracy3.05.50 PM




yesheis app

Transform the world by telling people about Jesus

Talking to our friends about God isn’t always easy.  CV created an app that helps you start the conversation by sharing beautiful video clips that address various life issues with friends and acquaintances. 


   App Store  

Google Play Store





ION Prayer [open]

ion prayer

Open Invitation to prayer leaders & networks with a heart for the completion of the Great Commission. We invite you to step in and LINK together for the sake of the unreached…

It is estimated that of the 7.3 billion people alive in the world today, 1.2 to 1.4 billion have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. According to Joshua Project.net,  there are approximately 16,000 unique people groups in the world with about 6,600 of them considered unreached. The vast majority (95%) of these least reached groups exist in the 10/40 window and are oral people groups.

In praying for the Oral & Oral Bible-less, we want to pray not only to make just a convert but a disciple of Jesus. That requires the Scriptures to be available in the mother tongue.  Wycliffe Bible Translators reports that of the approximately 6,800+ living languages across the world today, about 1,800 have definite translation need. That means for mother-tongue speakers of those 1,800 languages no Scripture exists at all. They may have limited access to trade or major languages, but no access in their heart language. Of course, the languages with the larger number of speakers have been translated, but even many millions do not have the Scriptures in their mother-tongue.

Connect on any of the weekly ION Prayer Calls
Each Thursday @ 2 pm (Eastern) 
Dial: +1 (712) 432-0926 
Access Code: 373000#

Contact: moc.liamgnull@reyarPNOI 





30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World [open]

27 May – 25 June 2017

Join the millions of Christians around the world who regularly participate in this largest ongoing International Prayer Focus on the Muslim world. 


The 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World is a prayer focus which coincides yearly with Ramadan, an important month of fasting and religious observance for Muslims. Christians worldwide are called upon to make an intentional but respectful effort during that period to learn about, pray for and reach out to Muslim neighbors.

Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. During these 30 days Muslims will fast until sunset, many not even drinking water, but at night they are free to eat and drink. Since 1992, a Christian action of prayer for Muslim peoples during Ramadan has taken place.





Why do we pray during the time of Ramadan?how-to-pray-for-muslims318c4a6cb2cf645badfcff00009d593a-569x376

  • As a means by which Christians can identify with Muslims for a fixed period of time, and call upon God’s sovereign intervention in the lives of Muslims during a time of the year when they are particularly religious.
  • Please note that praying during the month of Ramadan does not mean that we conform ourselves to the Muslim practices of fasting and prayer. As believers in Jesus Christ, we disagree with Islamic ideas, theology, and practice in several areas, but we place emphasis on God’s love for Muslims. We encourage all believers to cultivate a spirit of humility, love, respect and service toward Muslims.
  • Each year the prayer is that Muslims will experience God’s love and that God, the Father, would reveal His Son, Jesus, to them as their Saviour. The concept of God as ‘Father’ does not exist in Islam. Although Allah has various names, he is not called Father.
  • Pray without ceasing in this time of Ramadan that Muslims would experience God’s unconditional love for them and that they would encounter Jesus.
  • Pray too for yourself and your family, for God’s protection over every aspect of your lives.

For more information, please visit http://pray30days.org/


About 20 years ago, the world had about 1.1 billion Muslims. Islam was a little-known religion in most Western nations, and efforts on the part of the Church to share their faith in Christ with Muslims were scarce. Today, efforts have increased ten-fold and 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world is one of the many agencies who has embraced the call to share the message of Jesus amongst the Muslim people.

It was reported by mission’s strategist David Garrison in A Wind in the House of Islam that in Islam's long history, only two church-planting movements amongst Muslim people groups could be identified. But in the last two decades, over 1,000 baptisms and/or 100 churches had been planted amongst at least 82 Muslim populations.

A major breakthrough happened in South Asia among the Bengali, where at least half a million people with a Muslim background came to faith in Jesus. In Iran, Christian satellite broadcasting supports a strong and growing underground church movement with thousands of house fellowships throughout the country. Several hundred thousand people of an unreached Berber group in North Africa came to faith in just one of several movements taking place in that region.

The technological advance of the past 20 years has transformed the way in which the Gospel is communicated to previously unreached Muslim groups. Radio and satellite broadcasting throughout the Muslim world have resulted in millions of Muslims responding to the message of Christ. In the Arab world alone, one ministry, SAT7, has a regular audience of 8.5 million.


So, what of the next 20 years?

muslim_man_prayingAccording to a Pew study released in January 2011, 20 years from now the Muslim world population be double what it was 20 years ago, with Muslims representing a quarter of the world’s population. As followers of Christ, we must rise to meet this growth with a double portion of faith and love. Can we do it?

A leader from the 30 Days of Prayer agency believes we can: “We could not have anticipated this kind of growth 20 years ago, but we recognize that the spread of the gospel amongst Muslims in these last two decades has been fueled by the increase in prayer for the Muslims. We can expect no less for the next 20 years."











Seek God for the City 2017 [open]

1 March – 9 April 2017

The forty days to Palm Sunday makes an ideal time to venture into a season of sustained, hope-filled prayer for our communities.

Seek God for the City 2017We will Seek God in two simple ways: First, we will seek God’s face and then we will seek His kingdom. And as we come to God, seeking His face, then He comes to us bringing His kingdom. These are prayers you don’t want to pray alone. Invite your whole congregation to pray along with you. Even better, think about joining your prayers with a few other churches in your community.


Sample Page

Chinese Translation

Spanish Translation

Companion App

Children’s Guide




Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative [open]

A Call to Pray for Israel


I have set watchmen on your walls O Jerusalem;
They shall never hold their peace day or night.
You who make mention of the Lord do not keep silent,
And give Him no rest till He establishes
And He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth

Isaiah 62:6-7



Churches, groups, and individuals around the world are joining monthly to pray for Israel according to the command of Isaiah 62.

We invite you to join this global movement of prayer by using our monthly prayer points whenever you pray corporately or individually. Also, if possible, join us in prayer on the first Wednesday of every month as intercession resounds around the globe throughout the day.






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