Prayer moves the hand of God.
Once there is sustained, strategic, and informed prayer,
we will witness massive numbers of unreached people coming to Christ.
Pray that it will happen in our generation. 

~ Beverly Pegues 

What is the 10/40 Window?

  • The 10/40 Window is located from 10 degrees south to 40 degrees north of the equator.
  • There are 69 nations across northern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia in the 10/40 Window.
  • Aprroximately 4 billion individuals residing in an estimated 8,357 distinct people groups are in the revised 10/40 Window. 5,829 (62.5 %) of these people groups are considered unreached and have a population of 2.91 billion (61.3 %).
  • Two-thirds of the world's population - ±4 billion people - live in the 10/40 Window, including 90 percent of the world's poorest of the poor.
  • 95% of these ±4 billion people are un-evangelized
  • The seat of every major non-Christian religion - Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Animism, Atheism, and Sikhism - is headquartered in the 10/40 Window.
  • It is estimated that ±1.6 billion of these people have never had the chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ - not even once!
  • 87% are the poorest of the poor, living on an average of only $250 per family annually.
  • In many of the 69 nations, witnessing the Christian Gospel is illegal and will result in imprisonment or death.
  • 45 of the 50 worst countries in the world for persecution of Christians are in the 10/40 Window.
  • Child prostitution and child slaverly run rampant in many of these nations. Horrific abuse of women and children remains unchecked, including an epidemic of pedophilia.
  • A majority of the world's terrorist organizations are based in the 10/40 Window, and children as young as 18 months old are trained to be Jihad soldiers.
  • The 10/40 Window is home to some of the largest unreached people groups in the world such as the Shaikh, Yadava, Turks, Moroccan Arabs, Pashtun, Jat and Burmese.
Transforming The 10/40 Window Nations Through The Power of Prayer

Together as the Body of Christ we can make an impact for the Gospel and break through the spiritual darkness that has oppressed the land and its people for so long.

Join Window International Network (WIN) as we work to inform, equip, and mobilize networks of prayer around the globe to empower effective evangelism, church growth, and discipleship in the 10/40 Window.