"My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations" - Mark 11:17

Prayer warriors are positioned by God to stand in faith for their families and churches and cities and country. Prayer is stronger than kings and mightier than armies

~ Francis Frangipane

Pray for the Oral Learners


“He who has learned to pray has learned the greatest secret of a holy and happy life.” 
~ William Law


Oral Learners: Who Are They?

70% of the oral preference learners of the world do not understand the message when it is delivered to them by literate means. They can be completely illiterate, functional illiterate, visually impaired, simply part of an oral culture, or highly literate but prefers to learn in an oral manner. They do not understand the literate concepts even when they hear them.  


The Need


There are 5.2 billion oral learners in the world (IMB, April 2012), with the minority of resources attempting to reach them for Christ. The vast majority of our outreach work today is conducted through literate means that these oral learners do not understand.



Today we are grieved that there are:

  • 2.7 billion unreached people resulting in approximately 3,500 unengaged, unreached people groups; 
  • Approximately 2 billion people without the Old Testament; 
  • 2,252 unengaged, unreached people groups consisting of 350 million people without a single verse of the Scripture in their heart language; 
  • Too few strategies and resources committed to the oral learners of the world.   


The People


The remaining Unreached Unengaged People Groups are predominantly oral societies 



The Solution


Communicating the message of Christ to people in ways that make sense to them – instead of in ways that make sense to us!




The Vision

To influence the body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners.

We believe that the foundation of discipleship is the shaping by, and obedience to, the Word of God. We believe it is the inalienable right and privilege of every person, including every oral learner, to have access to the Word of God in their own heart language and in a media format they understand.    


The Strategy

The Word of God was conveyed in oral ways before it was written down. Jesus Christ used parables in communicating truths.

Oral learners learn and remember through stories, proverbs, drama, song and chants. They have excellent memories and can produce what they have heard easily.

Stories from the Word of God can be used to make disciples, train leaders and equip workers who do not read. We now call upon the Body of Christ to make the entire Word of God available to every person who can hear.

We call upon the Church today to embrace engagement of the audio Scripture among oral learners with great urgency! We call upon the Church to engage all unengaged, unreached people groups and to place into their hands any and every available audio portion of God’s Word in their heart language. We call upon the Body of Christ to devote energies, strategies, and resources to provide access for all oral learners to engage the entire Word of God through audio-digital means, so that every tribe, every tongue, and every people group may hear, understand, and have the opportunity to respond!  




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