2020 Year of the Upper Room

2020 is a time of accelerated united prayer across the Global Body of Christ for those who are far from God locally (our Jerusalem), those in our district (Judea), in our nation (Samaria) and the unreached peoples (ends of the earth).
An alliance of prayer ministries are raising the Trumpet Call for 100 million people to pray and fast daily for the lost.

9 Seasons of 40 Days of Prayer

Every 40 days in 2020 there will be a different theme and focus for Prayer:
Prayer Guides
Practical Tips
  • Pray on the go… to work, out and about, take the name of the unreached group of the day, or the 5 friends you are praying for, put a marker on your phone to remind yourself to pray for the lost around you.
  • A moment in your day…take a moment to open the 40 days of prayer guide, Listen to Jesus, what is He saying about those in your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and ends of the earth?
  • For more information on the Unreached People Group of the Day, go HERE
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  • Pray for 5 🖐🏽 (neighbors, co-workers, friends, family members)
  • PRAY WITH OTHERS: In your triplet, or small group, even online, have a moment for a time of repentance (personal and for the sins of our nations), a time to focus on others and the lost, and a time to yearn and long for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven.


Layout of 40 Days Guide
  • Down the LEFT hand green column is news of other global prayer initiatives that are running at the same time during the 40 day period.

  • The picture of unreached groups are 400 people groups are unique (namely 90% of the population of remaining people groups that still have no sign of progress in the Gospel taking root, namely Frontier People Groups which have NO known movements to Christ and less than 1 in 1000 Christians).  On the digital version, please click on the picture to link to the profile page on Joshua Project website.

    These 400 Frontier People Groups, containing nearly 25% of the world’s population, are explained with videos at joshuaproject.net/frontier

    Some people have noticed that we have all Frontier People Groups (FPG) from India during the first 40 days, this reflects the reality that the majority of FPG are living in India.

  • Each day has a theme and a Bible Verse which can be used to turn into a prayer. A Suggestion is given in the next column.

  • The last RIGHT hand column follow a region of the world every 4 days. Perhaps you would like to pray for workers that you know in that region, or international events that effect the progress of sharing the Gospel with all peoples?

Opportunity to Participate in Virtual Prayer Centre

Join a Virtual Prayer Room as individual or as group.
When you click on the red button, you will  immediately notice a blue button saying “Join Prayer Call” and further instructions if you wish to dial in on a telephone.