Adopt H-O-P-E  (Houses OPrayer Everywhere) 

A very simple strategy to pray for our streets and spread the message to others until every street in the nation is covered with prayer.  

  • REGISTER your street and COMMIT to start praying for your neighbours and neighbourhood
  • Prayer Walk your street 
  • Pick 2 or 3 households and start praying for them regularly
  • Let others know that you are praying and ask them to join you.
  • Become visible by putting up the Red H-O-P-E Post Box and make it known that Prayer Requests from neighbours can be posted anytime.

Prayer and action go hand in hand, and can change people AND communities.


Once you have committed to pray for your street and neighbourhood Adopt-a-Block could make it possible for EVERYBODY to see change come to your area in your life time… you are now God’s Missionary on your street.

  • As a H-O-P-E Agent… Prayer Walk your street and block often
  • CLEAN and pick up any form of trash as you walk in your street
  • Begin recognizing and befriending the people on your block/street in order to build relationships with them and find out what their needs are. 
  • Scout out your neighborhood for an area(s)/house (holds) that could use some love and service.

This is NOT for the Lazy or faint-hearted Christian…

It’s about: 

  • Work; 
  • Compassion; 
  • Relationships

e-mail:  az.oc.epoh-tpodanull@tpoda  /  az.oc.epoh-tpodanull@epoh