Children's Prayer Movement in Indonesia

The movement of praying children has been facilitated by a network of children’s prayer coordinators across Indonesia since 2003. This network now exists in 72 (seventy-two) regions / cities throughout Indonesia. The functions and duties of the facilitator is to teach children to pray at his local church and to invite Sunday school teachers each week from churches in the area and city. They gather together in a church or in any other facility that is sufficient to accommodate the children from all the local churches in that region to pray together with specific prayer requests according to the situation of their city and the nation as a whole.

Every year, when the children are out of school, churches or local children’s prayer network administrators hold prayer training for children. Prayer requests from the leadership of the national network of children’s prayer and the reading of the Word of God are prepared and shared with the kids by the church Sunday school teacher.

In addition, every year, in the month of June, all network administrators mobilize children to pray for children at risk. They pray about the condition of children in the world as well as those in Indonesia with material supplied by an international organization called VIVA Network. Through such training and prayer for specific requests, the children’s prayer movement continues to grow around the nation.

To ensure that the children’s prayer movement is still being strengthened and continues, at both the annual prayer activities and the routine monthly ones, we assign a mentor for each of these activities. One of his or her tasks is to ensure the delivery of the monthly prayer requests and invocations of prayer for children at risk. This practice has also encouraged the movement of children to pray.

There are many testimonies of how children’s prayers have been answered powerfully by the Lord. Miracles of any sicknesses healed and other wonderful transformations, such as the closing down of dark places of criminal activity, have happened. Also, children who engage in prayer have a character that is much more obedient along with a fondness for reading the Word of God and praising the Lord. They also have a concern for the protection of the environment.

We continue to expand the network with those who have a love and concern for the spiritual nurture of children. Our goal is that by 2017 there will be 200 children’s prayer networks with teams of facilitators, so that more churches will get involved in the funding and there will be a greatly increased number of number of children who pray.

Please pray with us that we will keep praying and working until all areas / regions / cities in Indonesia have children that pray. Thanks be to God!