The Importance of Praying for Oral Learners

“He who has learned to pray has learned the greatest secret of a holy and happy life.” 
~ William Law

There are ±5.2 billion oral learners in the world with the minority of resources attempting to reach them for Christ. The vast majority of outreach work today is conducted through literate means that these oral learners do not understand.

The remaining Unreached Unengaged People Groups are predominantly oral societies 

They can be completely illiterate, functional illiterate, visually impaired, simply part of an oral culture, or highly literate but prefers to learn in an oral manner. They do not understand the literate concepts even when they hear them.  

The solution is to communicate the message of Christ to people in ways that make sense to them – instead of in ways that make sense to us!
It is the inalienable right and privilege of every person, including every oral learner, to have access to the Word of God in their own heart language and in a media format they understand.    

Each Thursday, the Orality Network and partner groups unite to pray. We ask you to pull away and gather together as a group and really pray! If you are able to connect to the weekly prayer call, we invite you to join the physical prayer call.

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This is an OPEN INVITATION to prayer leaders & networks with a heart for the completion of the Great Commission. We invite you to step in and LINK together for the sake of the unreached…
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The ION Prayer Team encourages you to be an advocate by helping others see the great need for strategic prayer for Oral and Oral Bible-less people groups. Helping others see this and coming alongside them is needed to make the shift. 

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Davar Partners puts a high value on prayer for our work and partners.

When 80% of people around the world do not read, struggle to read, or simply prefer to listen, they cannot engage with the Word of God until they hear it. Davar Partners International enables oral people to HEAR the Word of God in their heart languages and finally say, “God speaks my language!”