“If all the desires, requests and goals expressed throughout this website were to be implemented
it would radically change the nations of this world.
Wars would be ended, ethnic hatreds tamed, politicians become honest, ecological restoration begun, global warming and AIDS halted,
poverty reduced. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ would be provided with godly leaders, it would be renewed, revived,
united in vision, mobilized for mission and readied for the return of its Head.
Jesus would return with the world evangelized and the Church complete!
That is the wish. How much of the earthly and how quickly the eternal agendas would be achieved depends on ONE activity
prayer in the name of Jesus to a loving, sovereign Father.”  
~Patrick Johnstone

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Incomparable practical guidelines on how to pray for the nations

The nations are there for the asking. God is calling you and me into the ministry of intercession for them.
We have plenty of opposition in the heavenlies and from human powers and persecutors. The enemy will seek to frighten us with these and dangle allurements to distract us from the vision of a heavenly, eternal Kingdom filled with people from every race, tribe, people and tongue.

Yet Jesus offers us a share in His reign. At times, we may look up to Him in agony, but we must see our true position – looking down with Him, exercising the authority bequeathed by Him in the Great Commission He has given to every Christian.

May we become intercessors with a world vision that prays Satan-defeating, Kingdom-taking, people-reaching, captive-releasing, revival-giving, Christ-glorifying prayers.

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Millions of Christians have used Operation World (OW) resources since the 1960s to pray for the nations. The OW team hopes an even greater number will now gain access to the content and join the global prayer movement.

The app allows users to set reminders to pray for the “country of the day,” easily retrieve OW research statistics, explore in-depth prayer requests and praise reports given for each country of the world, see how many others are praying along, and favorite countries for future reference.

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