“A revival of real praying would produce a spiritual revolution.”
~ E.M. Bounds

It is God’s will that His house will be a house of prayer and that His children will not be asleep when there is trouble.

People all over the nations are becoming discouraged about the future as their personal circumstances become increasingly challenging and their concern about governments grow. The economy is not growing fast enough to create enough new jobs. The moral decay of our younger generations are evident with teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and alcoholism on the increase. Alarming statistics show that church attendance is dropping across all denominations.

Less than 20% of our populations testify to a living relationship with Jesus Christ. Occultism, spiritism, scepticism, atheism and ancestral worship are on the increase. 

There is a PROMISE

In Isaiah 62:6-7 God is calling watchmen to pray day and night for peace and restoration.
Jesus says in Luke 18:7 that if we pray day and night our Father will make right what is wrong.


Courtesy of 24-7 Prayer