Prayer Resources

“I am convinced that God is working as a result of people praying.  He wants you to pray for His Will to be done.  
As we keep seeking God, the heavens are going to open and we are going to see great things happen. 
There is no challenge or problem too great.  God never lacks a solution. 
The real school of Prayer is at Jesus’ feet.  May we concentrate on what He wants us to do!”  
~ Dick Eastman 

✟   Most days our lives are just chaos – running a business, a family, trying to make ends meet – the usual mad rush that life has become.  
✟   We don’t have time to sit down and just “be” with someone anymore, not even with God. 
✟   Our prayer life normally suffers because of this and tends to cialis online become as abrupt and “empty” as most of the conversations in our day to day life. 
✟   To pray effectively we need to pray prayers with greater substance – better informed focused prayers.