Stories of Hope

“God remains sovereign in our world today, now as ever.  
Yet attacks on the faith of believers are widespread.
 Today’s media zoom their cameras in on and dedicate endless column inches
to wars, disasters, famines, scandals, tragedies and every form of evil.

Things beautiful, wholesome and good, however, are less photogenic,
so the works of God and His servants are rarely noticed.  
Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24),
we need our eyes opened to see reality – God among us! ” 

 ~ Operation World Book 

The world has become crazy and with everything that is happening around us, we often become negative and depressed.  
We need good news to encourage and sustain us. 

Many good things are happening in God’s Kingdom.
Here you will find links to ministries and organizations who tell those stories as well as testimonies sent by friends from across the world.


Desperate Prayer for a Decade of Harvest

Throughout history, believers have cried out to God in times of distress. Sometimes after years of desperate praying, a single cry brings direction or deliverance instantly. The promise is clear in Psalm 50:15.

Here are some examples of people crying out to the Lord:

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God Stories

The Word makes it clear that we are to pray and ask God, that He hears and will answer us. When we pray we are to have an expectation that, if we ask according to God’s will, we will receive from Him what we ask. Every moment, God is in the process of answering prayers of those who call out to Him.

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From Smugglers to Top Sellers

BEIJING — There was a time when owning a Bible in China was illegal. For decades, missionaries smuggled tons of Bibles and other Christian literature into China.

But not anymore. In the world’s most populous nation, technically still Communist and officially atheist, comes the story of a mission to reach China’s masses with God’s Word.

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Non-Stop Prayer Movement in China

NORTHEAST CHINA — Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, thousands of Christians are meeting in a corner of northeast China for an unprecedented prayer movement.

What started as a small gathering six years ago has become a nationwide prayer initiative uniting hundreds of Chinese churches. Television cameras have never been allowed to film the prayer services, but CBN News was granted exclusive access.

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An Unconventional War

Thanks to Invisible Children, Kony 2012, a well-screened advocacy piece shot about this same time, many people now know that for more than 20 years, the “Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by the infamous Joseph Kony, employed satanic rituals and brutal force to abduct and control over 25,000 children to serve as sex slaves and child soldiers to prosecute a war that ranks as one of history’s most brutal.

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Children’s Prayer Movement in Indonesia

The movement of praying children has been facilitated by a network of children’s prayer coordinators across Indonesia since 2003. This network now exists in 72 (seventy-two) regions / cities throughout Indonesia. The functions and duties of the facilitator is to teach children to pray at his local church and to invite Sunday school teachers each week from churches in the area and city.

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Revival in a Land Once Hostile to Christianity

Many of us pray fervently for the Persecuted Church and for many years the countries in North Africa have been high on our list. We also pray passionately for the unreached and unsaved in these nations.

The following report on CBN News should be very encouraging to those who have been interceding for the Muslim nations of North Africa.

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President Dedicates his Nation to God!

Great leaders are prime targets for Prayer. Sometimes they are enemies of Christianity but most of the time they just need the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Like Saul of Tarsus, it is possible for anyone to become a great spokesperson for Christ. However without prayer, it will remain only a possibility.

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Joel News

The best news on the planet, delivered in your mailbox Joel News International is a weekly e-zine (electronic magazine) that offers a high-quality selection of the most inspiring stories on the advance of God’s Kingdom around the world. Joel News International inspires thousands of active Christians in over 120 nations. It was launched in 1997 by Dutch journalist Marc van

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